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The Felicja Blumental Music Center
The Musical Heartbeat of Tel Aviv

Our mission. Our vision.

The Felicja Blumental Music Center is dedicated to discovering, presenting and 

supporting today`s most talented young musicians, and helping them achieve

their full potential to become tomorrow`s great concert artists.

We rely on support from friends, our donors and our audiences.
Membership at the association, generous contributions and ticket sales make possible our activities.

The Felicja Blumental Music Centre and Music Library
The Library, formerly known as AMLI (Americans for a Music Library in Israel) Central Music Library in Tel-Aviv, was established in 1951 by the Tel-Aviv Municipality and the Ministry of Education. Its founders were well-known Israeli musicians and musicologists. In 1997 the Music Library moved from its old home to the new building.


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Concert Hall
The Center’s lovely concert hall offers a wide variety of programs ranging from chamber music and classical music concerts, to lectures, workshops, folk music and jazz concerts, as well as educational programs. A monthly calendar of events is sent to our mailing list.


During concerts and events the cafeteria offers hot and cold drinks and pastries.


concert hall;
technical specifications;

seats  115
stage specifications

depth 4.90m 

width 4.60m

height 0.61m 

first row from stage  1.60m
number of entrances  2 including entrance  for the disabled 
emergency exits  2
emergency exits  yes
air conditioning  yes
pianos on stage  2 Steinway B +  Schimmel 
harpsicord  1(one  keyboard) artists  room
extra facilities

screening system,
sound amplification system with 4 microphones

backround the center